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Online Konica Minolta Training Academy
Posted by Simon Lacey on 09/16/16

Customer Training Options

At Solutions In Technology our vision has always been about helping to make our customers more successful.  We strive to help our customers embrace new opportunities that arise from develepments in print and communication, and to develop long term partnership that optimise mutual profitability.

Customer Education is key and here at Solutions in Technology a we have a variety of training services targeting customers and end users.

These flexible approaches provide operators and support staff with the exact knowledge they need to get the most out of their newly acquired products.  By enabling our customer to take maximum advantage of their Konica Minolta product, we provide them with an optimal basis to consuct profitable business.

Access our online Training video section here

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Konica Minolta wins BLI
Posted by Simon Lacey on 12/17/13

For the second time Konica Minolta Business Solutions has won Buyers Laboratory LLC’s coveted BLI PRO Award. Konica Minoltas bizhub PRESS 1250/1250P was the only model in its class to have earned BLI´s 5-star rating for productivity and has therefore won the 2014 PRO award for “Outstanding Monochrome Light- to Mid-Volume Production Device”. David Sweetnam, head of BLI’s European Lab and Research Services commented on the bizhub PRESS 1250 saying “throughput speeds among the fastest tested to date on heavy-grade stocks and better than those of competitors with A3 and SRA3 media.”

“We are very proud that our continued efforts to enable our customers businesses, and add real and tangible value, are gaining the deserved international recognition” says Mark Hinder, Production Printing Market Development Manager, Konica Minolta UK. Hinder continues “Having won the BLI PRO Award last year for our bizhub PRESS C7000, and now gaining first place at the BLI PRO awards again this year for our mono flagship bizhub PRESS 1250/1250P it’s a big achievement for us and proves our leading position in the production printing industry as well as the outstanding quality of our systems and their reliability.”

Highly customizable from base to full configuration, the bizhub PRESS 1250 can be tailored to the specific needs of various environments. The control panel is easy to master, and provides detailed information on device status, consumables and paper levels, RIP resources and the job queue. And unlike with some competitors, the custom media catalogue is fully integrated with the print driver. Another plus for operators is the Scheduler feature, which uses colour coding to indicate to operators when certain paper types need to be replenished.

“The bizhub PRESS 1250’s outstanding productivity and media handling, along with the wealth of feedback it provides, ensure that jobs will not only get done quickly, but with minimal interruptions,” added Sweetnam. “Plus, a new tandem print ability further boosts productivity by allowing a job to be split across two devices.”

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1. Press Speaker key

2. Dial 828.

3. Dial two digits for the hour (00-23)

4. Dial two digits for the minutes (00-59).

5. Press Speaker to hang up.

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How to avoid BT call out charges
Posted by Simon Lacey on 09/20/13

Did you know you can avoid charges for a BT Engineer Visit? 

When you log a fault with our Technical Support team we may need a BT engineer to visit your property. As the engineer will only be concerned with faults within the BT network, your business could be charged if no fault is found. The good news is that you can avoid this cost by carrying out the following basic checks before logging a fault:

The telephone line 

Test the phone line with the broadband equipment connected and disconnected. If you have no dial tone or a crackling line with your ADSL equipment removed you will need to raise this as a fault with your supplier.

Your hardware 

If you are unable to connect to the internet please turn your router off by unplugging the leads for around 5 minutes. Plug them back in again and restart your computer and the router. Failing this, try again with an alternative router. 

The ADSL microfilter 

If you are suffering from connection difficulties please ensure that all phone lines with a device attached are correctly filtered. A faulty microfilter can cause intermittent or speed problems as well as a complete loss of service. We recommend that you try at least 2 filters one at a time from the main telephone socket. 

Other devices 

You may have devices such as phones, faxes, skyboxes, alarms etc connected to any phone socket in your premises. If connection difficulties are being experienced all devices should be removed. If the fault is then resolved they should be reconnected one by one to isolate the faulty piece of equipment.

The master socket 

The broadband signal is strongest at the master socket - the socket where the phone line enters the premises. Internal extensions and sockets can reduce the signal significantly. If you have any connection problems, it is essential to test equipment from the master phone socket. 

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